Special days


Saint Patrick's Day

The feast of St. Patrick, our patron saint, is celebrated on March 17. Every year, as the tradition dictates, we decorate the classes and hallways with pupils’ work, featuring the colours and motifs of Ireland: shamrocks, harps, leprechauns and rainbows with pots of gold. We also organise games and sports events on the day. In the days leading up to St. Patrick's Day, “English Week” is celebrated in the school, during which the English Department organizes a range of English-language activities including spelling bee and short story competitions, poetry readings, storytelling and so on.

A large festive party is held in the school on the nearest Sunday to St. Patrick’s Day. The entire school and families are invited to join in the fun. A large play area is set up for younger children with bouncy castles, a mechanical bull, electric train, face-painting, etc. Other attractions include soccer, basketball, chess and table tennis tournaments, a magic show, a concert offered by the Aiete Musika Eskola and a communal lunch in the school canteen, after which parents play a traditional Mus card-playing championship. It's a fun day out and a great opportunity to meet everyone in a relaxed atmosphere.


Halloween is celebrated on October 31. The pre-school teachers dress up as witches, swishing around the classroom painting little faces and singing songs, surrounded by the pumpkins they decorated themselves. The classrooms and hallways are covered with a "scary" collection of spiders, bats, witches and skeletons made by the pre-school and primary pupils in the weeks leading up to Halloween. A magic show puts the finishing touch to a day filled with spells, song, dancing and treats.

Easter Bunny

In the second term, the pre-school pupils get a special visit from the Easter Bunny. Many claim to have seen his ears peeking out from the bushes as he hides chocolate eggs in the school yard every year. It is a very exciting day for the little ones who go in search of the eggs, filling their baskets with as many chocolate eggs as possible and sharing them with those who did not find any.

English Week

Every year, years 3 to 6 of Primary Education celebrate "English Week",
The main goal of this special event is to motivate pupils and enhance their learning of English through fun activities. It also allows us to check whether they have assimilated what was taught in the classroom during the term.

We change the focus of the recreational activities each year, alternating theatrical and musical performances with more syllabus-oriented activities such as spelling bees or story-telling competitions.

Drama involves speaking, memorizing, reading comprehension and group participation.

The benefits of the spelling bee competition can be seen in the accuracy of the spelling in the poetry and the short story competitions, held around the same time.

The enthusiasm of the pupils and teachers, and the displays of work along the corridors reflect the fun learning atmosphere of English Week.

Euskal Jaia

Euskal Jaia is a holiday that celebrates the Basque language and cultural heritage. The 3rd to 6th year primary school children take part in the festivities, having worked on a series of preparatory projects beforehand.

The range of fun activities aimed at promoting and encouraging the use of the Basque language includes a pintxo competition, Basque dancing and traditional sports.

The 'Tamborrada'

We have been marching in the city’s annual "Tamborrada Infantil" [Children's Drum Parade] since 1988, proudly wearing our marching uniform in the distinctive colours of St. Patrick's School.

Families are invited to come and watch the final dress rehearsal during the run-up to the event which takes place on January 20, the feast of San Sebastian and the city's favourite holiday. All the pre-school and primary school pupils take part in the parade.

Book Week

We believe that literature is worth celebrating, which is why St. Patrick's dedicates a whole week to books.

The pupils donate second-hand books to the school book sale, raising money for charity and giving their companions a chance to enjoy new reading material. Bookmarks made by the Art class are also on sale. All funds go to charity.

During book week, an exhibition is held in the school library featuring unusual or old books with noteworthy illustrations or print. At the end of the week, the books on loan are returned to the owners.

The youngest pupils also take part in the event by swapping secret gifts. The only condition, obviously, is that the gift be a book.

Science Fair

In Primary, we know that every subject is important but we like to think that Science is especially useful as it enables children to learn in an open way and interact with its contents in a direct manner.

We believe in a hands-on approach to the subject and encourage our pupils to use their creativity as well as their imaginations when it comes to learning.

Every year we host a Science Fair where children have the opportunity to exhibit their knowledge and learn from others.Over the years we have also applied S.T.E.A.M. learning where our pupils acquire tools and techniques in order to solve problems, think outside the box and work together.

As teachers we enjoy watching our pupils put their theoretical knowledge into practice while having fun. We know that what they learn can be applied in other areas across the curriculum and it’s a great privilege to be a part of their learning experience.