Mission, vision and values



Our mission

St. Patrick's English School is a grant-maintained private school that offers formal education to pupils from 2 to 18 years of age. It is also a cooperative of families with a public interest. Cooperation between parents, teachers and pupils is one of main core values which fosters the optimum development of the child in terms of learning and value acquisition.

We actively encourage the continuous personal growth of the entire school community, pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff. In this regard, tutors play a key role in the development of the pupils. Staff benefit from personal and professional training, fostering a spirit of dynamism within the school

Our desire to broaden horizons can be felt throughout the school. With teachers hailing from different countries, extra-curricular activities, trips and exchanges help promote a broader world view. We are equally aware of the importance of our pupils' roots in the local community. As a result of this local/global concern, efforts have been made to encourage multilingualism with English as the cornerstone of our educational project.


Our aims

St. Patrick's: Shaping the future
Our vision is always positive and civic-minded.


  1. Enhanced English proficiency through higher level subjects being taught in the language by qualified bilingual teachers;
  2. Basque by gradually building language skills in the Pre-school Cycle and integrating language diversity in Primary Education;
  3. Holistic pupil development through one-to-one attention, tutoring and cooperation among members of the educational community;
  4. Academic and technical education;
  5. Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship through training and activities specifically designed to stimulate these aspects;
  6. A caring environment that fosters social awareness through extra-curricular and volunteer activities that have a positive impact on society and the environment.


We believe in

People and pupils
Creativity and innovation are essential for the world we live in.

Shared project: educational community, team identity, cooperation, team effort.
Positive spirit: encouragement, acknowledgement.
Awareness: respect, civic-mindedness, empathy, openness to others and the environment.
Creativity: innovation, lateral thinking, embracing change, using different kinds of intelligence.
Autonomy: being pro-active, and showing initiative, responsibility and resolve.